Account Based Advertising

- present ads to employees working in your B2B target group companies
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What is Account Based Advertising?
Do I really need it?

When will your business benefit from Account Based Advertising?

When your sales process is lengthy.

When your customers knowledge about your brand is essentiel.

When you want to influence decision-makers, supporters, gatekeepers and others in specific companies in your target-group.

When you want to manage your advertising – without intermediaries.

When your aim is to target advertising to named accounts.

When your business want to support direct sale with banner advertising.

what does Account Based Advertising provide?

  • Knowledge and interest about your brand in your target audience.
  • Advertising will accompany and support the concrete sale
  • Ads that are specifically designed to a particular account
  • Support the sals pipeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Based Advertising?

Account Based Advertising shows your ads to the people working in the companies in your B2B target audiences. And to them only.
Account Based Advertising will thereby influence decision makers, users, gate-keepers and others.

What is the difference between advertising based on cookies and advertising based on IP-adresses?
Cookies does identify people by their SoMe behaviour and demographic criteries. IP-adresses does identify a specific company and thereby the employees working in that particular company.
So when your want to show your ads to people in certain companies, the use of IP-addresses will present your ads to the employees in that specific company.
Do I pay for ads shown to or clicked by employees not working in my B2B target groups?
The simple answer is – absolutely not. Your ads are shown only to employees working in the companies you have selected.
Are there any intermediaries?
No. The administration and management of a campaign is all done by you. You will get advice from us, and you may work together with creative to develop the ads.
How do I get started?

It is only 3,5 simple steps.

  • Define and select the B2B target audiences and/or companies you want to see your messages?
  • Select the timeframe for your advertising.
  • Create your banner or display ad.
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  • We defined two B2B audiences. One target group was existing customers, who were selected from SuperOffice, ie. our CRM, the second target audience was selected from the visits to our website. In other words, not all visitors, but the companies that otherwise met our segmentation criteria. It is precisely the companies in the two target groups that we direct our advertising to. Therefore we have a crystal clear connection between advertising and web page visits. In addition, the reports present what they look at, for how long, how often, and where they come in and out.

    Hence we can also adjust our advertising, not just adjust, but optimize. We simply know how the ads work on each company in the B2B target group, and correspondingly what does not work.
    Further we send newsletters via MailChimp to people who have signed up, and when those people visit our website, we can also see the personal names in the reports.

    Lotte Munk

    Chief of marketing and HR, solvo it

    Before we started a particular campaign, we discussed the media choice, and we ended up choosing Valoris’ proposal for the wallpaper format at, which matches our target and customer groups. Then I selected the companies that were to be exposed to the advertising, and the rest incl. Valoris took care of the contact with Børsen. Valoris matched my selected company names with their huge company database and extracted the iP addresses of the companies. Therefore, only the companies I selected were exposed to our banner.

    The advantage of Account Based Advertising is that we as an advertiser can control exactly which companies should see our banner. This, combined with Account Based Website Tracking, meant that the daily reports showed the companies in our target group that had clicked on the banners. I also got info what the target group had otherwise been on, where we could see what they were interested in.

    Caroline Helbo Andersen

    Digital marketing Lead, EG A/S

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