Agencies’ access to

B2B IP platforms


You have access to value-creating data in our IP platform


Both our B2B IP platform and our pricing structure are easy and simple and financially attractive


B2B IP database

You get access to our B2B IP database, which contains IP addresses of companies from all over the world. The IP addresses are linked to a solid content of company data. Therefore, you can create your own specific target groups, based on specific company names or industries and manage banner campaigns directly. You upload the target groups with a few clicks to your own account in Adform, and you can immediately run target banner campaigns for your customers.

Furthermore, you can offer your customers unlimited IP tracking reports on companies that visit your customers’ websites. You control the content and frequency of the reports that your customers receive. They are automatically sent to your customers and appear with your company logo, etc. and your text which describes the content of the report.

Both our IP platform and price structure are easy, simple and attractive.


  • Monthly subscription for access to IP platform, DKK 3,500 (not binding)
  • Monthly price for any active customer accounts who want IP tracking reports, DKK 500, –
  • Consumption of our B2B IP data in Adform is CPM 35 and is settled with Adform.

All prices are excl. VAT

When you start, we provide 1 hour of introduction and instruction in the use of Valoris’ IP tool

Efficient – and simple