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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the privacy in the solutions??

There is none personal information at all in our data sources. We hold information about enterprises (public and private) who have their own identified IP addresses.

What can i expect from a campaign?
The benchmark for our campaigns is, that 15–25 % of the companies in your B2B target group will visit your website during the campaign period.
Will I know who clicks on the advertisement?
You will see the names and further business information about the companies that click on your advertisements. You will not see any personal names.
How do I access the information about the behaviour of my web-site visitors?
You will either receive weekly visitor reports or you will be given log-in details to access real-time data, depending on the agreement.
What is the purpose Of the IP-address in Account Based Website Tracking?
All visitors to your website leave a footprint, including their IP address. Since our database holds the name of companies and the corresponding IP address, you will get information about the specific companies that visit your website, what pages they look at, in what order and how much time they spend on each page.
How many employees can receive these reports?

It is your decision as to how many people should be given access to the weekly reports or to the real-time data. There are no extra costs associated with this.