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  • No need for expert knowledge
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This offer is for you, if you

  • Want to know who browses what and when
  • Want to know who is in the market and for what
  • Want to know who responds to your campaigns
  • Want to know what content is read by who

This offer is not for you, if you

  • Don’t use your website to generate sales or interest
  • Has a salesforce and a marketing-function, that are distincly separated

The benefits? Numerous.

Website performance

  • Tracking will help you to understand how your website performs – and follow the customer experience

Ease of operation

  • Install the script
  • Get reports sorted by company, product interest, number of visits, country, industry etc.
  • Reports and overviews are sent automatically to recepients

Monitor user behavior

  • Tracking will help you understand your users behavior and enable you to improve your website


  • Track all, track target groups, track lines of business, track selected companies
  • Change your tracking at no cost
  • Access to live visits
  • Select reporting timeframes

Advertisement improvement

  • Tracking will show you how your advertising works


  • No binding agreements – no commitments
  • Stop tracking instantly whenever you like
  • No creditcard
  • Our support is available

Nr. 1 Business IP database

for your benefits

We invest intensively in our data to make you succesfull

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More than 2 million companies with IP-addresses in our database

IP-data are updated and enhanced every month

Fully automated process

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No binding agreements – no obligations


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Our data

We obtain IP-adresses from different registras.
They are all GDPR-compliant

We do not use data about individuals

We do not use data about individuals in our enhancement processes, in ordrer to reveal, uncover og decode the ownership of a specific IP-address.

Datasources are updated month by month

Every month our datasources are updated. The process of receiving millions of IP-adresses, supply company-information and update segments and Target groups are fully automated with strict surveillance.

Excluding Sole Trader companies

Our enhancement processes allows us to instantly detect Sole Trader companies and delete them from all our offerings since Sole Traders conflict with GDPR regulations.


Data are secured
  • IP-addresses are not accesable by any customers and/or partners nor visible
  • We do not keep data about individuals related to our IP-database
  • Personal information about users of our data are handled according to GDPR regulations.
  • All data are securely stored in servers in EU.

The possibilities and opportunities

Specific visitor interest
  • Combine website tracking with our person tracking. An extremely powerfull solution for those who can’t track newsletter recipients
  • Use data from Website Tracking and create B2B target groups for your ABA advertising
  • Get ranking overviews in the dynamic dashboard of the visiting companies, industries, countries, etc.
  • Unlimited number of visits, unlimited number of reports and unlimited number of users
  • Ranking overviews in the dynamic dashboard about the visiting companies, industries, countries, etc.
  • Use our no.1 business database with more than 2 million ip-adress identifiable businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

How does website tracking work?

1. Install the script you recieve from us.

2. The script gathers the IP address and the visitor behavior. The IP address associates with our company-database. Hence we present the name of the visiting company including detailed information about the visit.

Do you track and reveal personal data?

No, we only track identifiable companies. We do not collect or percess personal data.

What about GDPR?

We are fully GDPR compliant. We only track identifiable companies. We don’t even track Sole Trader companies.

We hold information about enterprises (public and private). But only enterprises with indetifiable IP addresses, but no information about individuals.

We do not collect or store data about employees or electronic devices.

How do I acces the tracking information?

You can automatically receive visit-reports daily/weekly/monthly and/or you can view real-time data.

How many can receive the tracking information?

No limit and no cost.

Will Website Tracking work on my website?

Yes, Out script is compatible with all websites and content management systems (CMS).

How to begin?

Fill out the form, and you wil receive our script.

Install it and you are up and running within a few minutes.

Do all companies have an IP address?

No – the rule of thumb is the smaller the company, the lower the probability they have their own identified IP address. But not even all arger companies have their own IP addresses. But a lot of them have.


Can I track companies from all over the world?

Our solution does not distinguish between companies in i.e. France, Germany, Denmark or Norway. Western countries in particular tend to have their IP data in check, and tracking visits from companies in Western countries are therefore most accurate.

Can our international subsidiaries or sister companies use this service?

Yes. You can either aggregate visitor data from your subsidiaries or sister companies into your main account or let your subsidiaries or sister companies having their own scripts.

Now I know all this, I have some questions

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