B2B Account Based Advertising and B2B Website Tracking

Use our IP-based platform and sell more to your B2B target groups

Account Based Advertising, Account Based Website Tracking, Retargeting, Person Tracking, Target Group Website Analytics and much more. 1 to 1 marketing and sale.


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Account Based Advertising – advertise in popular media sites to employees in your B2B target groups

Create your own specific B2B target group of companies or chose among our standard B2B target groups.

See lists with companies in each of our standard B2B target groups from many different countries before starting an advertising campaign.

  • Cherrypick specific companies  among millions
  • Choose among hundreds of B2B Industries
  • See the specific companies in each industry in all countries
  • Your ads will potentially be presented in thousands of medias
Account based advertising

    account based website tracking

      Account Based website tracking – get insights about how companies in your B2B target group visit your website

      Document the effect from your Account Based Advertising-activities. Unique analytic information for marketing and management.

      Learn more about specific companies in your B2B Target groups. Automatic sorted information for intended recipients in your organization.

      • Reveal if companies in your B2B targetgroup visits your website
      • Reveal if companies in your targetgroup vists the intended pages
      • Automating reports by email with no limitations
      • Use information for sales- or marketing purposes

      Retargeting – repeting attention with amazing banner-ads to previous website visitors

      Ensure continuous visibility towards persons who are already aware of your business, and as recently has shown interest in your web-site, products and services

      • Keep reminding the right people of your company and brand.
      • Generate the right messages for the right people.
      • Increase the probability that your message is relevant and the timing is right.
      • Get the attention of prospects and leads when they are in the market for your products and services.

        person tracking

          Person tracking – get insights about your email recipients behaviour at your website

          Document effects from your email newsletters. Get to see all the pages your email recipients visits.

          Whenever they visit your website afterwards.

          • Valuable for you if you email automation system only reveals a newsletter click and by who
          • Reveal if email recipients even go beyond your landingpages.
          • Do email recipients even get back to your website in the days and weeks after. Get information when they do.
          • Automating reports by email with no limitations
          • Use information for sales- or marketing purposes

          Target Group web-site analytics – get analytics about your B2B targetgroups behaviour at your website

          Document whether or not your preferred target groups visits your website or not. Reveal over time whether the interest is evolving or not.

          See if your target groups read the pages intended for each specific target group. Reveal patterns of visits from industries you were not aware of

          • Information automatic sorted by industries and ranking
          • Information automatic sorted by countries and ranking
          • Use information for analytic reasons and strategic decision making
          target group website analytics

            Frequently Asked Questions

            What is Account Based . . . ?

            It is marketing, i.e advertising and webtracking, addressing the individual B2B account and or B2B target-group.

            Which websites will i have acces to?
            All ad-supporting websites. As a result, no matter what websites the employees in your B2B target groups click onto, they can be exposed to your banner.
            Can I use animated banners in my campaign?
            Yes, you can. You can use GIF-animated banners, HTML5-animated banners, banners with videos, etc. Static banners are of course also possible. We will send you a requirement specification for animated banners that you can use.
            Does Account Based Website Tracking work on my website?
            Yes. Our solution is compatible with all websites and content management systems (CMS). Visitors to your website will always leave behind an IP address and that is all we need.
            How do I get started with Account Based Website Tracking??
            You can get started within 3–4 minutes. you will receive a small script, and all you need to do is install our script in the same manner and in the same place as you would with any other script. Then you are all set and will begin to receive visitor information.
            How do I get started with Account Based Advertising?

            Define and select your target groups. Decide your budget, choose your banner – and you are going

            We are ready

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